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Established 1904  

Its great to see clubs taking up the opportunity to have their annual shows. This is very important social side of the sport.

It allows fanciers to get out and meet up with old and new friends which helps bond the sport. Its also provides good competition for those that enjoy this side of the sport.

In my view it should never be lost and all members should support their clubs.

Clarkston & Dalziel club have a great history of having annual shows open to anyone wishing to compete. Clarkston has always been historically Wednesday evening and Dalziel on Sunday afternoons.

Newmains was always a Monday but haven't released this years date.

So get out their and enjoy the club shows because when there gone there gone.                 Full report with photos here

Clarkston Open Show Dates


Wednesday10th November- Eyesign class and peep class for YBs grizzle & Pied class

Wednesday 17th November - Old cock handle and Young hen Peep

Wednesday 24th November- Old hen handle and Young cock peep

Wednesday 1st December- Young hen handle and Old cock peep

Wednesday 8th December-Young cock handle and Old hen peep

Wednesday 15th December All winners and late bred class(must be carrying two nest flights)


Pen price 50p and £1 nomination(optional)



Clarkston club members show- Saturday 18th December 12 noon



Past stars of the federation


Recently communicating with Douglas Telfer of Dalziel club  kindly sent me some information and photos of the immortal" Black Jets" he raced, week on week they topped the Lanarkshire federation with over 10,000 birds competing.


It is a long while ago but I ploughed through the archives and dug out a montage and a photo of Cara Apollo 11 , who was probably the most consistent of them all.  Cara Apollo 1 had 2 x 1st Section, 2 x 3rd Open Lanarkshire Fed.

I brought Madame and Monsieur from Belgium in 1974 and started breeding from 1975 onwards . Remember that in Scotland at that time the emphasis was always on channel racing , so the results of these birds at the shorter distances was nothing short of stupendous. Over a period of seven years racing in Lanarkshire Federation we had :

12 x 1st Open

7 x 2nd Open

4 x 3rd Open

5 x 1st Section

3 x 2nd Section

1 x 3rd Section

The other Federation positions were countless .

I was still travelling to Belgium regularly with my job and I had spotted a family of pigeons with an outstanding record belonging to William Geerts of Schilde (near Antwerp) .  They were mainly Dark chequers and closely related .  They were exactly what I was looking for as a cross and I imported them in 1981.  

The cross was introduced in 1982 and the results are history.  The second generation were also beginning produce results with CARA Bursar winning 1st region E (800 Birds), 43rd Open (4083 birds) SNFC Redditch 1983 as an all pooler.   He was a grandson of Madame and Monsieur.


I started my own business in 1984 and I decided to put all my energies into this new venture , selling 16 pairs of top class stock pigeons and all the 1984 young birds.  It had been a roller coaster ride only made possible with the participation and help of my family,  partner June and friends and associates.


Yes indeed the Black Jets produced some spectacular performances and probably the 1982 YB season is the most remembered .  


1) Longtown -1st Open Lanarkshire Federation (10142 birds)  37 sent.   

2) Penrith- 1st Open Lanarkshire Federation (9163 birds)  36 sent.

3) Kendal- 2nd Open Lanarkshire Federation (6911 birds)  31 sent.

4) Lancaster -1st Open Lanarkshire Federation (5664 birds)  31 sent

5) Leyland- 1st, 2nd & 3rd Open Lanarkshire Federation (3911 birds) 26 sent.


What is not so well known are two OB results of the same year.


1) Penrith -2nd Open Lanarkshire Federation (9255 birds) 18 sent.

2) Lancaster- 1st Open Lanarkshire Federation (10290 birds) 18 sent.


 I purchased them from an older gentleman called Joseph Nauwelaerts (not the same Nauwelaerts who became well known later in the UK)  near Lier in Belgium. He was by far and away the best in the area and I was over on business. I purchased many birds from other famous Belgian fanciers but none could match in any way those of Joseph Nauwelaerts.    


They were exceptionally happy times for myself and my family.  Miracles occasionally do happen.  Many thanks again.

Douglas Telfer.


Tom Corrie

Lanarkshire Press Officer

Photo 1 Cara Appollo 11

Photo 2 Montage of the Black Jets

Photo 3 0427-Douglas Telfer (R) founder of the immortal Black Jets   

Photo  4 Dalziel Show dates for 2021