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Established 1904  

Eadie & Kelly of Bellside nr Newmains


This week we celebrate the brilliant 2021 season of Eadie & Kelly of Bellside  near Newmains. Who has won the most prestigious of awards including 1st & 3rd Open Scottish National Flying Club and the Titan Games, best Middle distance pigeon UK.


Andy Eadie is a well-known face in Lanarkshire, his results over the years would put him up in the best 10% in the country. 

It’s been a dream season for Andy, who I class as a real back door doo man.

I have known Andy since joining the Federation and found him always to be up there with the winners at all distances.

He competes in the Lanarkshire Federation, Newmains & Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire Social Circle & Scottish National Flying Club.


2021 season SNFC                                               Full report with photos here


Princess Chery's- SU 20 3445 Blue hen


1st West sect Scottish National Flying Club

1st National hen

3rd Open Scottish National Flying Club 3,891 birds


Bellside Aniversary Coral - SU 20 3480  Blue W/F hen 


1st West section Scottish National Flying Club Yeovil

1st Open Scottish National Flying Club 1,152 birds


This year’s Titan games UK ace Middle distance award winner is Bellside Aniversary Coral. The winner of 1st Open Scottish National Flying Club and over £7,000 in pools and prize money this season. Great achievement Andy.


A 2020 late bred hen, raced the full young bird programme  winning diplomas in the Lanarkshire Federation. In 2021 season she raced every Federation race to Worksop 212 miles on celibate system before going to first SNFC inland race, returning just out prizes which loft mate Princess Chery’s won 1st sect, 3rd Open.

Coral was sent to the next Federation race from Melton Mowbray winning 3rd sect, 6th Open ,2810 birds from 242 miles vel 1083

Then two weeks later into Kettering with Federation, 269 miles winning 5th sect, 8th Open vel 1000.

By this time Andy realised he had something special and with one eye on the weather forecast he entered her for the last National winning 1st Open SNFC.

To win the National was a dream come true!


The breeding of the hen is two sources, Gaby Vandenabelle of Mark Evans and bred down from Andy's own Z hen who was a past Silver Award winner in the Scottish National Flying Club. She was a brilliant racer winning many prizes at club and National level. and was a brilliant racing hen.

Andy recently went back to concentrating on breeding down off the "Z " hen lines that in the past have served him very well winning three times Champion loft in Lanarkshire Federation(Only 3 other lofts have matched such results)

Like everything in life we are always trying to look out for better pigeons and in this case it wasn't the answer for Andy who already had the best lines in his own loft!

Bellside Aniversary Coral- Blue Hen W/F Su 20 3480-Vandenabeele/Koen/Sabbon lines


Her Sire Blue Boy Su 15 4298

4 times winner in SNFC going for bronze award 2022

Sire & G/sire to over  8 x 1st prize winners.


G/sire is Bell Man who won 2nd sect,13th Open SNFC,who in turn is G/son of Casinova ,son of Lover Boy 1st Chateauroux 6,334 birds & 10th Open Chateauroux 7,345 birds x Miss Gaby from James Bond 1st National Bourges.


G/Dam is Silver Z Queen who won silver award for her meritorious performances ,7 times within SNFC results. Both her parents were bred by Gaby Vandenabelle lines of Wittenbuick/Georgette, Favoriet, Playboy, son of Pichanol. Without doubt the very best racing and breeding lines we have ever owned.


Dam -Blue Dazzle Su 18-81

1st club,1st Sect,7th Open 2,768 birds, 1st club ,2nd sect,2nd Open 4,321 birds  LRPF  who’s G/sire is Durham Dazzler only raced two Nationals winning 1st sect BICC ,1st National Alencon 6,590 birds and 5th sect,5th Open BICC Falaise ,3,278 birds and a RPRA award winner when paired to Leading Lady 1st sect,1st Open BICC Guernsey 2016. 


It’s a proven fact that it’s very difficult to win a National into the West section of the Scottish National Flying Club which makes his results even better.


Andy works hard for his Federation and is currently Vice President of the Lanarkshire Federation and contacts myself with information of Cambusnethan/Newmains club winners to publish in the fancy press. Win or loss it’s sent!

His interest is enjoying his sport with the great support of his family and friends.

Andy is always hard to beat but like most has races that he can only describe as not his best day. That what makes it achievable for others and gives everyone the feeling that it’s out there for everyone that works hard with the right pigeons there is a chance to win with the best.


Well done Andy, the pride of Lanarkshire!


Tom Corrie 

Lanarkshire Press Officer