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Established 1904  

Lanarkshire Federation News December 2021


Hope all readers had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year.

Update from some of the clubs about their trophy and show winners.

Many thanks to all who support Lanarkshire news as every little helps to make up article.              Full report with photos here


Mr Harrison of Hounslow, England sent me a letter saying he really enjoyed the article about the Telfer "Black Jets "

They have been good friends for many years with the Telfer family. They raced the Black Jets for many a year with a son of Monsieur who bred a lot of fabulous pigeons for us one in particular one my wife Pat named Wee Ruby.

My brother in Law Tam Kyle of Newmains flying club  purchased a direct son of "Stan the Man" from Louella Pigeon World and sent me young birds from them.

I paired one to Wee Ruby which was like winning the lottery.They bred lots of prize winners. Tam Kyle was gifted some birds from Douglas Telfer, one cock was a Bostyn/Roosens, he sent me both youngsters from him. Dark Check C & Gay Pied C .

I purchased a pair of Krauths from Harold Hart and a hen from them paired to the Gay Pied cock produced " Morningside Tammie" winner of Louella Pigeon World car for being 2nd SMT Combine 7,000 plus birds from Tours in 1989 

Thanks to those two fanciers who no longer keep the pigeons.


P& J Harrison



Personal thanks to Brian Nixon of County Durham who reported one of my youngsters during the young bird season. Brian the check hen has moulted well and thanks again for your help and keep in touch.


Thanks Alex Blyth for sending me this year’s trophy winners in Carluke club.


Distance Cup-Marshall Findlay

Yearling Trophy winner -Marshall Findlay

Donald Martins Longest Inland race winner-Marshall Findlay

J McNeish 2 bird average longest Inland average-Marshall Findlay

J Boyle trophy & 1st Peacock-Federation winner over water-Marshall Findlay

James Sommerville Memorial 1st Yearling Longest Inland race-Marshall Findlay


Yearling Average-Graham Bros

Armstrong Trophy Longest YB race-Graham Bros

Mr & Mrs Shields best Average last 3 YB races-Graham Bros

Sutherland Cup,last YB race nomination-Graham Bros

Gimour Memorial-Graham Bros

Hunston Trophy Average 1st,2ndOB & 1st & 2nd YB race -Graham Bros

Young Bird Average -Graham Bos

Ace Pigeon award Su 20L 10112   62 points-Graham Bros

Jock Williams & James Junior Memorial 1stYB & last YB average -Graham Bros

McGowan Trophy Lowest winning velocity 830 -Graham Bros

League trophy 142 points-Graham Bros


A McCullough 2 bird average 2nd Longest race -C & E McMillan

John Sommerville memorial 4th race ,2 bird average -C & E McMillan


All other trophies not won



Club show results

Thanks to Douglas Telfer for the information and photos


Dalziel Flying Club

Douglas Telfer sent


Show results




Judge Lewis McCalley



1st A Selfridge & Son

2nd,4th,7th D McGregor

3rd,5th  Wilson & Cairns

6th W McDonald

8th J McLean



Judge Lewis McCalley



1s,3rd,7th  A Selfridge & Son

2nd4th,5th,8th Wilson &Cairns

6th W McDonald



Judge Jim O Hara



1st,5th,7th- J Cassidy

2nd,3rd,6th-A Selfridge & Son

4th,8th -W McDonald



Judge Gerry Cairney



1st W McDonald

2nd,4th,5th,7th-A Selfridge & Son

6th& 8th D McGregor



Judge Barclay McCrindle



1st,2nd -W McDonald

3rd,6th,8th- A Selfridge & Son

4th W Gilchrist

5th D McGregor

7th Wilson & Cairns





Judge Barclay McCrindle


1st,5th W McDonald

2nd,6th J Kerr

3rd J Latimer

4th D McGregor

7th,8th J Cassidy





Judge John Sharp


1st,7th J Kerr

2nd,4th J Cassidy

3rd Wilson & Cairns

5th D McGregor

6th,8th W McDonald



Judge Jim Durning


1st Wilson & Cairns

2nd,4th J Kerr 

3rd 6th W McDonld

5th D McGregor

7th,8th A Selfridge & Son


Dalziel- Eyesign  :  1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th6th inclusive Wullie Gilchrist, 7th ,8th J.Kerr


All winners :result 1st Wullie Mcdonald, 2nd J. Cassidy, 3rd A. Selfridge & son, 4th D. McGregor, 5th W.McDonald, 6th J. Cassidy, 7th Wilson & Cairns, 8th A.Selfridge and son.


The series of open shows Champion was Willie Mcdonald seen here being presented with a bottle of Malt Whisky (donated by Ian Lindsay, Newmains) and a bag of pigeon feeding (sponsored by Tommy McDonagh , Feeding Specialist, Blantyre) by Jim Hannah , all winners class judge.

The runner up Jim Cassidy won another bag of pigeon feeding (again sponsored by Tommy McDonagh) and presented by Jim Hannah.

Finally, the Eyesign Class (judged by John Frood, Lanark) was won and dominated by Willie Gilchrist.  He received a bottle of champagne donated by John Frood himself.


Club Show result


 It was a clean sweep for Willie Mcdonald with Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex .    Willie won the show with a beautiful Mealy Hen (photo attached) and collected the Tramontana Show Trophy , a bottle of Bourbon Whisky (donated by Douglas Telfer) and a £10 voucher.  

His Best Opposite Sex winner was a Dark Chequer Pied Cock in outstanding condition (photo attached) which also collected a £10 voucher.

Jim Latimer (Dalzell Secretary / Treasurer) presented the winner's trophy to Willie McDonald (l-r) , and Derek Colligan, Fauldhouse did a great job judging all the pigeons.

Douglas Telfer judged the Specials.


The members of Dalzell Flying club are very appreciative of the sponsorship received , and wish to extend their grateful thanks to all the donors.


Harry Brown dropped a message to thanks all those in Dalziel club for helping with Kenny McDonalds entire clearance sale,Kennys partner was very grateful for all their help.




Its sad to see a good number of fanciers call it a day in our sport, this year more than most. The sports is in a real crisis with new vision required to prevent a total extinction in the not to near future.

I think we should be targeting the newspaper and taking out articles and promotions about how pigeon racing can be a family activity and inclusive to all.

The RPRA,SHU should target full page advertisements in the daily papers about what pigeon racing is all about. This would generate interest in the public and may bring back some fanciers who have kept them with family members in the past or bring in some new fanciers. Just my views!

AGM points

The federation has increased the basket costs from £11 to £13 per federation race day basket(Any other club or organisation being transported will be £15) 

Dues increase by £5 per loft for the next three years. Taking it to £35 by 2024

This is the first increase since 2009 and is in line with transport costs.

No change to the committee or race controller for 2022

All federation inland  races will be controlled by the federation including transport and race control.

Bird liberation times is decision of race controller.


Lanarkshire Race Programme for 2022


16th April -Wooler 76 miles

23rd April -Wooler

30th April-Alnwick -95 miles (Charity race)

7th May-Thirsk- 150 miles

14th May-Bubwith-180 miles

21st May-Worksop-212 miles  (Yearling pool race)

28th May-MeltonMowbray-245 miles

4th June -Alnwick-95 miles

11th June -Kettering -271 miles

18th June-Alnwick-95 miles

25th June-Billericay-345 miles  (Open race)

2nd July- Alnwick-95 miles

8th July  -Ypres (SNFC date may change)


10th July -Sunday First Young Bird race-Wooler 1- 76 miles

16th July- Saturday-Wooler 2-  76 miles

23rd July -Wooler 3 -   76 miles

30th July- Alnwick-   95 miles

6th August- Alnwick-  95 miles

13th August -Thirsk -   150 miles  (Young Bird Open)


Lanarkshire Presentation night has been postpone meantime due to Covid ,with a view of possible reschedule sometime in 2022.


Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Federation Press Officer