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Established 1904  

Its great to get back to presentation nights!                      Full report with photos here

The Lanarkshire Social Circle is very much one of the premier clubs in Scotland with around 60 members sending over 1,000 birds in the early events

Its programme of racing includes the Lanarkshire Federation programme and into the distance events with the Scottish National Flying Club .

The clubs foundation is in distance racing and top competition always attracts  fanciers in their numbers.

The club is competitive with around 60 members and over 1,000 birds sent in the earlier races, its very competitive and you have to be on the top of your game to win!


This season due to no channel racing the SNFC racing was focused on the coast and one race from the channel isles.


It was a brilliant season for the club members scoring high in the Scottish National Flying Club results including 1st Open for Eadie & Kelly.


There was a great turn out with members and friends of the club for this years presentation in the Avonbridge hotel in Hamilton.Club President Ronnie Reid introduced the evening introducing special guests John Hadfield & Peter Keogh,two top National men, both are at the top of their game at the moment!


The night flowed very well with the three course meal, presentation of cups and guest speaker John McKelvie with his comedy sketch.

Ronnie Reid and Jim Cullen had the hall in stitches of laughter, men in a white van going to Blackpool "hilarious"

With Ronnie and Jim in the company no one is safe from a bit of light hearted banter.


Big  thanks to club secretary Davie McCaig for his usual professionalism and hard work throughout the year and a great night.

Thanks from the committee to the guests and all who attended.


Sorry I didn't catch all the tables for photos as I was slow in getting around the hall and by 12pm most had left. Always next time!


Trophy winners 2021


Number of cups not won due to restriction on channel racing.


News of world Cup-Davie Gillespie

Archie Millar Cup-Davie Gillespie

JL Muir Cup-Jim Cullen

Rodger Points Cup-GWP Macaloney

Telfer Trophy-Derek Hay

Daily Record Cup-Jim Wilkinson

Tennent Cup-Derek Hay

Robert Telfer Memorial Trophy-GWP Macaloney

Ernie McCaig Trophy-Jim Cameron

Milleninium Trophy-GWP Macaloney

Deans Family Memorial Trophy-Jim Cullen

George Rankin Trophy-Davie Gillespie.



Club race results season 2021


Old Bird programme


Kelso 1st May -1,117 Birds  -1st,2nd,3rd- GWP Macaloney

Hexham 7th May-1,107 birds-1st,2nd,3rd -GWP Macaloney

Catterick 15th May -1,021 birds-1st,2nd -GWP Macaloney -3rd J Cameron

Ripon 22nd May -989 birds-1st,2nd,3rd GWP Macaloney

Wakefield 29th May-1,002 birds-1st I Rankin,2nd W Strang,3rd A Blyth

Worksop 05th June-826 birds-1st,2nd T Corrie Son G/son,3rd GWP Macaloney

Melton Mowbrary -12th June- 1st,2nd GWP Macaloney,3rd Eadie & Kelly

Kettering 19th June -1st,2nd,3rd GWP Macaloney

Kettering 26th June -1st J Cameron,2nd GWP Macaloney,3rd J Cameron    


Young bird programme


Kelso 1 -23rd July - 600 birds-1st,2nd T Corrie Son G/son,3rd GWP Macaloney

Kelso 2 -31st July-749 birds-1st,3rd GWP Macaloney,2nd J Whiteford & Family

Wooler 1 -14th Aug-839 birds1st,2nd,3rd GWP Macaloney

Wooler 2 -20th Aug-1st,2nd,3rd J Whiteford & Family

Catterick -701 birds28th Aug,-1st E Jones & G/son,2ns JJ Hood,3rd GWP Macaloney

Wetherby -04th Sept ,167 birds 1st Wilson & Cairns,2nd JJ Hood,3rd J Lawrie                                                                   




Results from club fanciers in SNFC races




1st Eadie & Kelly,2nd Wilson & Cairns,3rd W Graham




1st E Robin jnr,2nd J Lawrie & Son,3rd JJ Hood.




1st J Moffat,2nd J Wilkinson,3rd Wilson & Cairns.




1st Eadie & Kelly,2nd  JJK Gillon,3rdJ Lawrie & Son,




1st D Gillespie,2nd E Robin jnr,3rd N Orr.


YB National Huntington


1st,2nd,3rd D Hay



Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Federation Press Officer


Photo 1 Tom Corrie wins Worksop & Kelso  races

Photo 2 Ian Rankin wins Wakefield race

Photo 3 James Whitefoed of J Whiteford & Family win Kelso 2 race

Photo 4 Jim Cameron wins Kettering race

Photo 5 Jim Moffat wins Eastbourne race

Photo 6 Eddie Robin Jnr wins Maidstone race

Photo 7 Andy Eadie wins Huntingston & Yeovil races(Including 1st Open National)

Photo 8 Derek Hay wins YB Huntington race

Photo 9 Around the tables

Photo 10 Around the tables

Photo 11 John Hadfield presents Jim Wilkinson (R)

Photo 12 Peter Keogh presents Jim Cullen (L)

Photo 13 Jim Cullen presents Davie Young(L)

Photo 14 John Hadfield presents Wullie Macaloney(L)

Photo 15 Peter Keogh presents Davie Gillespie(R)

Photo 16 Jim Cullen presents Wilson & Cairns(R)

Photo 17 Around the tables