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Established 1904  

Newmains club secretary Andy Frame sent me this year’s prize winners and photos as due to covid they didn't have their annual presentation night.


Andy Eadie of Eadie & Kelly partnership was the principle winner having a magical season that produced a 1st & 3rd Open Scottish National Flying club, and finishing 2nd in the Lanarkshire Federation Combine Averages.

Newmains is the biggest club in Lanarkshire and is a very competitive one sending up to 1,000 birds in the early races. It’s a hard club to dominate with the leader board changing most weeks.                                                                 Full report with photos here

The season Andy Eadie had has already been highlighted by myself in previous article but it’s always good to have the club results published to give credit to all who have managed to get their birds at the top. 


Principle trophy's won in 2021


Eadie & Kelly wins

Old Bird Average

Old Bird Inland Average

Yearling Shield

Combine Average


A&J Cook wins

Sprint cup & OB KO


J Whiteford & Family win

R/U YB Average

Points Shield


J MacLean wins W King cup


T Richardson wins

YB Average

Lowest winning velocity


J Lawrie & Son wins

R/U Combine average


Cambusnethan & Morningside club winners


Report from club President Andy Eadie


It’s been quite a year and it’s also very pleasing to see our members !Auld Club! taking 34 SNFC Diplomas ! and having 4th to 9th position on leaders board of the Lanarkshire Federation combined averages taking 2nd, 6th, 7th and 8th .

I always remember those that have sadly passed away over the year and our thoughts go out to everyone who have lost love ones, family friends and our Doo Men /Women over the last few years and would remind those lucky enough to a avoid this Covid to get there jabs and boosters.

Take care everyone!


Trophy winners for Cambusnethan & Morningside Club 2021


President Andy Eadie

Secretary John Lawrie

Treasurer Andy Frame 


Eadie & Kelly win

Combine Average

Old Bird Average

Four Longest race Average

Three Longest race Average 

Yeovil cup

Yearling Rose bowl


T Richardson wins

Young Bird Averages


J Whiteford & Family win

Points Trophy

R/U YB Average



I Fairley wins

Lowest winning velocity


J & K Miller



List of individual race winners & nomination winners in Cambusnethan & Morningside club

Old bird races


Kelso race- JJK Gillon,  nomination  winner Eadie & Kelly

Hexham race-Wilson & Cairns loft 1 ,nomination winner Eadie & Kelly

Catterick race-J Lawrie & Son,nomination winner A&J Cook

Ripon race-A&J Cook ,nomination winner T McSorley

Wakefield race -J Whiteford & Family ,nomination winner A&J Cook

Worksop race- I Fairley ,nomination winner Wilson & Cairns loft 1

Melton Mowbary race -Eadie & Kelly nomination winner Eadie & Kelly

Kettering 1 race -Wilson & Cairns loft1 ,nomination winner T McGinn

Kettering 2 race Eadie & Kelly ,nomination winner Eadie & Kelly 

Yeovil race-Eadie & Kelly ,nomination winner Eadie & Kelly


Young Birds

Kelso race -JJK Gillon ,nomination nwinner Wilson & Cairns loft 2

Kelso 2 race -T Richardson ,nomination winner Wilson & Cairns loft 2

Wooler  race- Eadie & Kelly ,nomination winner Eadie & Kelly

Wooler 2 race -J Whiteford & Family,nomination winner Wilson & Cairns loft 2

Catterick race - T Richardson,nomination winner Wilson & Cairns loft 2

Wetherby race-I Fairley ,nomination winner Eadie & Kelly

Kelso race -Eadie & Kelly ,nomination winner Eadie & Kelly


It’s been a great season at National level and I include their performances.


Eadie & Kelly


SNFC Huntington Race

1st National hen

1st Sect,3rd Open

32nd sect & 55th Sect.


SNFC Yeovil

1st sect,1st Open 


JJK Gillon partnership


SNFC Maidstone


6th sect,42nd Open

11th sect,62nd Open

21st sect,124th Open

30th sect,189th Open

41st sect,275th Open

46th sect,292nd Open

52ndsect,311th Open


SNFC Yeovil 


2nd sect ,2nd Open

5th sect,6th Open

24th sect,75th Open


Tam Richardson


SNFC Huntington


19th sect,171 Open

40th sect.


Callum Walker


SNFC Maidstone

13th sect,81st Open

18th sect,110th Open


SNFC Eastbourne

1st sect,2nd Open

2nd sect,8th Open




SNFC Maidstone 32nd sect,206th Open


JK Miller partnership


SNFC Gurnsey 9th sect,61st Open


Tony McGinn

SNFC Guernsey 27th sect,123rd Open


Thanks again to Andy who has always supported the Lanarkshire news win or lose and best wishes to all their members.


Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Federation Press Officer