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Established 1904  

Blantyre Miners Welfare on Friday 25th February was the venue for the 2021 Prize Presentation members to come together and enjoy some post covid pigeon fanciers entertainment .Our social convener John Leggate had organised a top panel for question and answer session, which took place after the trophy presentation. The panel included Ian Stafford (JPS stud), John Cowlin & John Gladwin of Formula 1 lofts. All top pigeon fanciers who have won at every level of competition and well respected throughout Europe!                            Full report with photos can be downloaded here 


Around eighty members attended to congratulate fellow members wins from the season 2021. Many organisation don't hold such events and in my opinion the social aspects of the sport are very important for our survival as an organisation. When it’s gone it’s gone!


The array of trophies was fantastic and is a credit to Jim Cameron and John Leggate and John Lawrie for the work that goes into keeping them in top condition.

Our President John Lawrie worked away at presenting everyone in attendance with their awards, with John Leggate to make everything seamless and very enjoyable.

Thanks to all in attendance for the best of order and giving the panel some excellent questions to be answered. 


What a cracking buffet was available on the night with plenty of variety for everyone's needs, really cracking value for the small sum of £7 ticket..


Thanks to the panel and Billy Bilsland for their young bird donations, to the federation. Formula 1 youngsters were on display and looked a picture. First ones bred this year out of the best in the loft. Ian Stafford offered the best out of Sprint, Middle or Long distance stock(Have your pick) Billy Bilsland offered the pick of this year’s crop or one the same way bred as his National winner. These birds made into the hundreds, great accolade for those who donated them. Thanks lads!


Thanks Jim and the two Johns for organising a terrific night that flowed extremely well into the early hours of Saturday morning. Thanks to the visitors who in my opinion were the best panel I have listened to for providing quality information on how to manage pigeons.

I hope the guests enjoyed their time in Scotland, I'm sure all who attended took away some knowledge to help improve their racing performances.


Thanks to John Leggate and the Lanarkshire Committee for a very enjoyable evening.


Trophy winners who attended Presentation for their awards


Polockus & Feelie of Blantye club John & Ryan win the Border Trophy for winning the Yearling Open race from Worksop 211 miles on 5th June with their Cheq pied cock winning 1st West sect,2nd Open federation with 3,788 birds competing, velocity 1539


JJK Gillon, Joe snr & Jnr and Kelly of New Stevenson club win the Beattie Trophy for best opposite sex in the Yeovil race with their 2yr old blue cock ,winning 2nd Open, 341 miles recording a velocity 1405 also winning 2nd Open SNFC .They also won the Shell & BP Trophy for the best two bird average in Yeovil winning 2nd and 5th Open with their yearling blue pied hen only eight minutes behind winning 6th Open SNFC.A top class performance indeed!


Walter Boswell of Burnbank club ,Walter wins the Rodger trophy for best young bird average in the west section vel 998 with 3,665 birds competing over the seven races. Walter also wins the section on three occasions on his way to winning the west section combine averages with 14,201 birds competing over the seventeen races.


Jim Cameron of Uddingston club wins the Newmains SC trophy for 1st Open federation Kettering on the 22nd June with his yearling cheq hen velocity 1068 for the 274 miles. This hen also wins the Sam Anderson Trophy for the first yearling timed, the Duncan Logan Mem Trophy  for the first hen timed and the J Hannah colour Photo for winning the race. The Shepherd Trophy for the best average both Kettering races and Wetherby YB race with a vel 1094 over the three races.


Peter White of Burnbank club wins the William Wilson Mem Trophy for the highest LRPF velocity in the SNFC Gold Cup race .His 3yr old Dark cheq  cock was not only the best LRPF pigeon he was the best in the SNFC winning 1st Open ,covering the 440 miles on vel 1251.A truly fantastic performance and every fanciers dream!


Eadie & Kelly of Newmains club. Andy wins the J Torrance Mem Trophy for best average Kettering and Yeovil ,vel 1064, the Campbell trophy and United Taxi Trophy and GWP Macaloney colour photo for first Yevil where Andy's yearling blue w/f hen flying 341 miles in 9 hours 21 minutes for a vel of 1410. Not only topping the Lanarkshire federation but also winning 1st Open SNFC. Andy also wins Centre section Combine Average  vel 1172 against 26,848 birds.

What a pigeon and a dream season for Andy.

This hen was also voted the best middle distance pigeon in the Titan games Awards.

This hens winnings are £7,500 for the season. Absolute class!


GWP Macaloney of Airdrie club Wullie and Paul win the Reid Mem Trophy for best Combine Average over Melton Mowbray, Kettering 1,Kettering 2 and Yeovil ,5607 birds competing over the four races, vel 1200.The T Brown Mem Trophy for best individual inland old bird average over nine races with a velocity of 1288 with 36,104 birds competing. The J Cowan Mem Trophy for best old bird average with 36,548 birds vel 1290 .The Heart Foundation Trophy for winning the federation Catterick race on 15th May where they actually won the first two Open positions,5351 birds. The Arrapine Trophy & Carriage Trophy for best average Kettering 1& 2 and Yeovil vel 1229 with 2,797 birds competing. The Wm Holland Trophy for best average over the first seven races flown. The Sam Rodger Trophy for best average over the five young bird races plus Yeovil ,vel 1285 for 17,704 birds.

George Macaloney Mem Trophy for best Combined Inland Averages with 54,537 birds competing .The Jim Cameron Colour photo for 1st Open federation Kettering on 19th June where their yearling hen recorded a velocity of 1346,in fact they took the first three in the Open on the same velocity of 1585.They also win the North Section Combine Averages with a velocity of 1180 with 13,932.

The federation all time Champion loft doing what they do best. Brilliant flying Wullie & Paul.


Davie Allison of Greenfield club w ins the Rappold Trophy for best two bird average in Kettering Open,winning 3rd & 4th Open 768 birds. Davy’s two year old blue hen and his three year old cheq cock were timed sixty five seconds apart from 272 miles recording a combined velocity of 1061. He also wins the J Tallis Mem Trophy for best old bird average in the west section velocity 1214 with 10,536 birds competing over the ten races. Well done Davie top flying!


Wilson & Cairns of Cambusnethan & Morningside club. The two Roberts win the P Scott Mem Trophy for first nominated bird in the Yeovil race where their yearling blue pied hen won 46th Open with 444 birds competing for 343 miles in a time of 9hrs 55 minutes.


Jim Forsyth of Coatbridge SC wins the Belt Up Trophy for best young bird average in the North section with 5,002 birds competing over the seven race programme, vel 1031.


Lewis McCalley of Clarkston club .Lewis wins the T Robertson Trophy for winning the young bird Open race from Wetherby,171 miles with 601 birds competing. In fact Lewis had two pigeons arrive together after 5hrs 20 minutes vel 938 winning him the Wm O’Neil Mem Trophy. Lewis has remarkable won this race two year in a row. He wins the J Quinn Mem Trophy for winner of the longest flown young bird race with his blue hen in the 171 miles race from Wetherby. He wins the Wm Findlay Mem Trophy for best opposite sex in the young bird Open race where his blue cock finished 2nd Open. He also wins the Lanarkshire Social Circle Trophy for the lowest velocity in the federation race programme .

Well done Lewis top flying!


Barclay McCrindle & Son of Chapelhall club. This is their first year in the federation and what an impact they made flying young birds only. They topped the federation five from seven races. They win the Henderson Trophy, winning the third young bird race which was Wooler 70 miles on 14th August ,vel 1141 also winning the first nine positions in their section 2079 birds and first three positions in Open 3,669 birds.

They win the Andy Durning Mem Trophy for winning the fourth young bird race again from Wooler on 20th August with a velocity 1588 winning the first three positions in the section, 1710 birds and the first three in the Open federation 3,300 birds 

The R Telfer & Son Trophy for best average in the Centre section over seven races with 9,766 birds competing.

Barclay snr and jnr have made the biggest impact in the federation possible since the Black Jets and the Macaloney partnership, to win five first federation races from seven races is mind boggling results. Especially for their first season racing youngsters. Well done to this progressive partnership. Watch this space for their progression in the federation! 


GWP Macaloney, Lanarkshire Federation Champions for a record 20 times win the Hugh McClymont Mem Trophy for Best Combine Averages over federation seventeen race programme with 54,981 birds competing.

They are simply magic at what they do, easily the best ever to fly a pigeon into Lanarkshire federation!


Medal Winners 2021

Bold print means they won 1st Open federation

North Section


GWP Macaloney of Airdrie club win 1st Kelso on 01/05,1st Hexham on 07/05,1st Catterick 15/05 ,1st Kettering 19/06 & Kettering on 26/06.1st Kelso 31/07,1st Wooler 14/08,1st Wooler 20/08 and 1st Kelso 11/09.


Colin Gray of Chryston club wins 1st Open Ripon on 22/05 and 1st Yeovil 02/07


Ian Rankin of Airdrie wins 1st Wakefield 29/05


Tom Corrie Son G/son wins 1st Worksop 05/06


Davie Love of Clarkston wins 1st Melton Mowbray on 12/06


Lewis McCalley of Clarkston club wins 1st Kelso on 23/07& 1st Wetherby 04/09

Sharp Cummings Durning of Coatbridge SC win 1st Catterick on 28/08


Centre section medal winners


Davie K Burnside of Lanark club wins 1st Kelso on 01/05


Jim Cameron of Uddingston club wins 1st Hexham on 07/05,1st Catterick on 15/05,1st Worksop on 05/06 ,1st Kettering on 26/06


A & J Cook of Newmains club wins 1st Ripon 22/05


John Menzies of Newmains club wins 1st Wakefield 29/05 


Jim Hendrie & Sons of Airdrie club win 1st Melton Mowbray 12/06


Jim Wood of Uddingston wins 1st Kettering 19/06


Eadie & Kelly of Ne of Newmains club wins 1st Catterick on 28/08wmains club wins 1st Open Yeovil on 02/07


Barclay McCrindle of Chapelhall club wins 1st Kelso 23/07,1st Kelso 31/07,1st Wooler 14/08,1st Wooler 20/08 and 1st Kelso 11/09 

Tam Richardson of Newmains club wins 1st Catterick on 28/08


Isaac Fairley of Cambusnethan club wins ,1st Wetherby on 04/09



West section medal winners


Alan Nelson of Burnbank wins 1st Kelso 01/05,1st Yeovil 02/07


James Green & Son of Burnbank club wins 1st Hexham on 07/05,1st Wakefield 29/05,1st Wooler on 14/08 and 1st Catterick 28/08


Mio Krivokapic of Greenfield wins 1st Catterick on 15/05


George Baird of Greenfield club wins 1st Ripon 22/05


Polockus & Feelie of Blantyre club wins 1st Worksop


Walter Boswell of Burnbank club  wins 1st Melton Mowbray 12/06,1st Kettering 19/06,1st Kelso 23/07,1st Wooler20/08and 1st Wetherby 04/09


Davie Allison of Greenfield wins 1st Kettering 26/06


Wullie McFall of Burnbank wins 1st Kelso on 31/07


Tam Houston of Cambuslang wins 1st Kelso on 11/09


I have also included some photos of members enjoying Blackpool 2022


Tom Corrie jnr 

Lanarkshire Federation Press Officer