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Established 1904  

This week (Wooler OB 2 23/04/2022) sees us back at Wooler around 75 miles into lower central Scotland. The weather had been dry but with a strong cool easterly wind throughout the week. The 4,700 Lanarkshire birds and 25 other organisation crates were liberated at 10 15 in a fresh East, North East wind with plenty of sunshine on route.

Full report with Photos here

The winning pigeons recorded 1772ypm.Very fast conditions with most of the convoy looking if they overshot their destination. The returns were again excellent which always helps the finances  going forward for the  federation.

Experience always counts in such races with the older pigeons topping most of the club results.


This week’s 1st sect 1st Open federation is Brian Ward of Blantyre club in the west section. I phoned Brian to congratulate him on his cracking performance.

Brian was surprised to see his winner on the sputnik trap as he wasn't expecting them to be so fast. He times with the T3 clock so some time was wasted getting a hold of the manual clock and timing the winner.

His winner is a 2018 Check cock who had previously scored in the Worksop race last season. Its sire won Ypres for him and was bred of Van der Wegen birds from Davie Maxwell who no longer is in the sport. He has been raced Natural and hasn't sat a nest this season being celibate. He is on the open bowl as Brian hasn't the time to train with his present shift pattern. Brian is hopeful for him to perform from the more distance race points.

Well done Brian on a super result. 


Alec Stewart wins Clarkston with a 2yr old B/C of Gerald Delaney Jan Grondelaer stock, well done Alec on a fine winner.

Andy Eadie winner is was bred down from the old Vandenbelle stock hen Silver Z ,mother of the loft .Silver award for her meritorious performances in the SNFC and 7 diplomas to her credit and Grandmother to Anniversary Coral 1st Open SNFC Yeovil and probable the best hen in the UK 2021.Winner of the titan games for best middle distance pigeon UK and like her Grandmother winning £7,500

This week’s  winner is called " Bellside Blaw Hame " is presently on the "Keek "system over the last two weeks and has been 2nd and 1st club ,13th Open 3484 birds and 5th sect,2199 birds,19th Open 4,672 birds.

Andy wishes everyone good luck to everyone the rest of season. 

Bill Traynor wins 1st North section with a Mark Caldwell Staf Van Reet on widowhood.


Around the clubs


Airdrie -1st & 4th Gault & Quinn,2nd& 3rd J Barr 5th D Sloan &Son


Blantyre- 1st & 5th  B Ward, 2nd E Robin jnr,3rd Polockus & Feelie,4th T Houston


Burnbank - 1st G Lightbody, 2nd R Copeland, 3rd J Green & Son,4th J M Smith,5th W Boswell


Carluke-1st, 2nd Graham Bros,3rd,4th M Findlay 


Chapelhall -1st Battersby&Quinn, 2nd H Kidd,3rd J Middleton


Chryston- 1st & 5th G Shaw 2nd,4th A McBurne 3rd J & J Hood, 


Clarkston-1st & 3rd A Stewart,2nd T Corrie Son G/son,4th,5th L McCalley


Coatbridge SC -1st Jim Forsyth, 2nd & 4th Pollock & Cairney 5th Mr & Mrs Duncan


Cambusnethan/Morningside 1st & 5th Eadie & Kelly, 2nd T McGinn, 3rd JK Miller,4th Wilson & Cairns loft 2 


East Kilbride-1st R Jukes snr, 2nd& 3rd G Orr, 4th D Gillespie,5th A Anderson


Greenfield -1st 3rd 4th 5th D Allison,2nd M Krivokapic


Lanark-1st & 4th D Burnside,2nd,3rd,5th D Forster & Son


Larkhall-1st Robertson & Scott, 2nd & 5th N Orr, 3rd & 4th W Ramage


Dalziel- 1st J Boyle,2nd S Selfridge,3rd M & R Dunsmore,4th W McDonald,5th D Penman


Newmains-1st & 5th  Eadie & Kelly,2nd Lindsay & Henderson,T McGinn,4th J & K Miller


New Stevenson-1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th,JJK Gillon,2nd P Kerr


Lanarkshire Social Circle-1st & 5th Cameron & Fan,2nd J Green & Son,3rd E Robin jnr, 4th Eadie & Kelly


Uddingston -1st & 2nd McCormick & Hughes, 3rd Cameron & Fan, 4th W Traynor,5th J Carswell




Section winners

West Section

1st B Ward of Blantyre club

2nd D Allison of Greenfield club

3rd M Krivokapic of Greenfield club

4th G Lightbody 

5th D Allison of Greenfield club


East Section

1st McCormick & Hughes of Uddingston club

2nd McCormick & Hughes of Uddingston club

3rd Cameron & Fan of Uddingston club

4th J Carswell of Uddingston club

5th Eadie & Kelly of Newmains club

North section

1st W Traynor of Uddingston club

2nd J Forsyth of Coatbridge SC 

3rd Gault & Quinn of Airdrie club

4th A Stewart of Clarkston club

5th GWP Macaloney non affiliated club


Full result of federation prizes available on Lanarkshire racing pigeon website


Tom Corrie jnr